Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How Blueberries Can Help Your Overall Health

        Not only are these little blue treats delicious, but they can also help improve brain function and life span! Studies have shown that blueberries can help slow age-related damage to brain cells, including decreasing memory loss. Recent studies done on fruit flies and organisms called C. Elegans, have shown that blueberries may also extend one's life span.
        In the case of the fruit flies, blueberries were given as a regular part of their diets, and researchers discovered that they not only lived 10% longer than those who did not regularly eat blueberries, but that their physical activity levels also increased. Results were even more dramatic in the study involving the C. Elegans. These organisms were routinely given supplements of blueberry extract, and researchers found that their average life span increased 28%. They also found a significant improvement in the organisms tolerance of stress within their environment, and a 20% reduction of age-related proteins that impair function. So when your out grocery shopping don't forget your blueberries! Take little steps to improve your health everyday!

Source: Life Extension Magazine July 2012, by Susan Evans

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