Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sitting, A Cause for Disease?


        We are constantly hearing that we need to be more active as a society and that we spend too much time sitting down or being sedentary. To a lot of people I think this sounds a lot like when you're mom told you that you shouldn't eat too much Halloween candy; and what was your response to her "but why?" Well the reason you should be less sedentary is the same reason you shouldn't have eaten too much Halloween candy, IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK! Recent studies have shown through 47 different investigations that a greater amount of sedentary time results in greater risk of all diseases; especially cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Good news is that participants who had the same amount of sedentary time as the other participants, but also regularly moved around, proved to have a lower risk level. So whats moral of the story? Your mom was right! And so is the idea that we all need to get up and moving more! If you need some help doing that join our gym Fisher Strength and Health! We have personal trainers we can refer you to in order to help get you started, and great exercise classes for all levels! Start getting healthier today!

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Source; Dr. Cindy Haines. January 20th, 2015.

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