Monday, January 26, 2015


              Want to get stronger, but don't have much time? Planks are the exercises for you!

 Now no one exercise will get you a rock hard body, especially not in 15 minutes or less (contrary to what the infomercials might tell you). However, if you want to do a good workout in a hurry you should try doing variations of different plank exercises. Planks are an amazing exercise to get your whole body engaged. They not only work the abdominal muscles, but also help build shoulder strength, and leg strength. Do a few of these exercises mixed with a little cardio work, and you've got yourself as good of a quick full body workout as you can get! Of course, like any exercise, these need to be done properly in order to be effective. Below is a picture of proper form for a forearm plank. A forearm plank is a good starting point for your plank endeavors!

Source: "Do Plank Exercises Really Develop Abs?"

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